Saturday, September 27, 2008

Charles Hamilton

I was watching this weeks episode of Entourage and they played a clip of some hip hop song that sounded hella dope to me so I looked it up on, they have a list of every song played through each episode and when it was played. anyways they played this song "Brooklyn Girl" by Charles Hamilton and its dope, i had to research this guy so heres some mixtapes he's put out this year. this kid is pretty nice.

Dj Green Lantern & Charles Hamilton - Outside Looking

01 Intro
02 Outside
03 Brooklyn Girls
04 Dont Touch Me (Produced By 9th Wonder)
05 Pure Imagination
06 Superman
07 My Wonderful Pink Polo (Wake Up Mr West)
08 Beetlejuice
09 In Front Of You (Go Dumb)
10 Unapologetic
11 No Escaping
12 Rockstar Girl
13 Ambitions Of Musicians
14 American Dream
15 Let It Go
16 November 10th


Dj Skee Presents: Charles Hamilton “Death of the Mixtape Rapper”

01 Stay On Your Level
02 Harlem
03 Just A Musician
04 How
05 Presidential Pondering (Ft. Fedel)
06 Twitter 16
07 Windows Media Player
08 Down
09 Mixtape Vents
10 Butcherman (Ft. Yung Nate)
11 Musicsuicide
12 Saving Grace
13 Supersonic’s First Freestyle
14 Forever Again
15 Do What You Love


Dj Skee & Charles Hamilton - And Then They Played Dilla

01 Coming Around
02 Owww
03 Convincedindecision
04 Waterworks
05 Krispy Kreme Intentions
06 The Bermuda Triangle
07 Losing Control, Revisited
08 What’s Going On
09 Owww (Instrumental)
10 Convincedindecision (Instrumental)
11 Waterworks (Instrumental)
12 Krispy Kreme Intentions (Instrumental)
13 The Bermuda Triangle (Instrumental)
14 Losing Control (Instrumental)
15 What’s Going On (Instrumental)


sure shots: brooklyn girls, stay on your level, owww

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