Monday, November 10, 2008

Charles Hamilton vs 88 Keys

Damn its a double header on a Monday night! Charles Hamilton is back already with a new mixtape and 88 Keys drops a nice debut, dont sleep.

Charles Hamilton - Sonic The Hamilton

track list:

01. Enter the Hedgehog
02. Where’s My Fucking Genesis
03. 10 Minutes
04. Put Cash Up (feat. Show “Tails” TuFli)
05. Ringtone Rap
06. Two Left Feet (Swaggerless Swag)
07. Frustration and Failed Suicide Attempts
08. Stir Of Echoes or Sleeping Beauty
09. Scourge the Hedgehog (Yung Nate)
10. baby sonic
11. Lemme Know
12. SuperSonicVents
13. Happy Ending
14. Fans Are Cool
15. 11 11 Again
16. Captain Slave A Hedgehog

sure shots: enter the hedgehog, supersonicvents, two left feet


88-Keys - Death Of Adam

track list:

01. Morning Wood
02. Nice Guys Finish Last
03. The Friends Zone (feat. Shitake Monkey)
04. Handcuff 'Em
05. Stay Up! (Viagra) (feat. Kanye West)
06. There's Pleasure In It
07. (Awww Man) Round 2?
08. Dirty Peaches (feat. J'Davey)
09. Close Call (feat. Phonte)
10. The Burning Bush (feat. Redman)
11. Ho' Is Short For Honey (feat. Kid Cudi)
12. No. I Said I LIKED You
13. M.I.L.F. (feat. Bilal)
14. Another Victim

sure shots: the friends zone, stay up, the burning bush


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