Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stat Quo- Deliver Me


-this song is the truth...

Young L- Centerfold (video)

-i like this shit. where's my centerfold?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Fly Society- Superstar

-if you didn't notice... it's pro skater terry kennedy and his rap group "Fly Society" with their first single "Superstar".

So Magical (Lollipop Remix)


Letter to BIG- Jadakiss featuring Faith Evans


-damn this shit is major right here.

Travis signs to Nappy Boy!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Go Hard Remix featuring Jay-Z!!!


-Jigga killed this shit!!!

The Grey

Saosin - The Grey

track list:

01. Keep Secrets
02. Love Maker
03. Why Cant You See
04. Come Close (Accoustic)
05. Love Maker (Accoustic)

Another good EP. Listen to this shit!


While Broken Hearts Prevail

Emery - While Broken Hearts Prevail

track list:

01. The Smile, The Face
02. Edge Of The World
03. Say The Things (You Want)
04. Ten Talents
05. It Always Depends
06. Thoughtlife
07. Do The Things (You Want)

Its only an EP but all the songs are good, Emery is sick.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Henny and A Cigarette

1. Intro
2. Money f. Sen
3. Slow Kill f. Sen
4. Start My Day
5. Rat Niggaz Interlude
6. 25 f. Sen & Jim Jones
7. Hoes
8. Bum Niggaz Interlude
9. Yall Niggaz Bums
10. Who The Hell f. Sen
11. Cali
12. Dipset Situation Interlude
13. My Soul
14. My Bitch
15. So Many f. Sen
16. Boneless Chicken
17. Big Spender
18. Outro
19. In The Hood
20. Gimme Some Lovin'


Resuscitation of a Dead Man

Thursday - Resuscitation of a Dead Man

One of my favorite bands is back with a new track from their upcoming album Common Existence, they're still a good ass band.


Little Bit- Lykke Li ft. Mickey Factz & Drake


it's ok.

"all these lonely girls wanna..."

Tony Yayo- Bloody Xmas!


-this is some grimy shit right here...

Without them, there would be no us...

..Or at least for the most part. I meant to post this after the previous SOM posts via Maka regarding their upcoming projects. I can't wait to hear some new Souls. Until then, rekindle the essence with these. Merry Xmas!

Souls Of Mischief - '93 'Til Infinity (1993)

Download link:

Souls Of Mischief - No Man's Land (1995)

Download link:

Souls Of Mischief - Focus (1999)

Download link:

Souls Of Mischief - Trilogy: Conflict, Climax, Resolution (2000)

Download link:

Living Legends- Legendary Music v.2



Exile "Milli" Video from Jonathan Kim on Vimeo.

-this dude is sick...i gotta get me one of them drum machines.

Bambu- Crooks & Rooks

Bambu "Crooks & Rooks" Music Video (Broadcast Version) from Xylophone Films on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Muthafuckas!

Eazy-E - Merry Muthaphuckkin' Xmas featuring Menajahtwa, Buckwheat, Will 1X & Atban Klann


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Listen To Your Friends!

New Found Glory - Listen To Your Friends from the upcoming album Not Without A Fight

its a pretty good song, has potential for a good album, im glad they went back to the pop punk sound that everyone loved.


Taking Back Sunday! Exclusive!!

Taking Back Sunday - Carpathia from the upcoming album New Again

This song is alright, doesnt really pop off like the old TBS stuff but its good to hear some new music from them.



Pop Champagne- Camp Lo

Monday, December 22, 2008

Flute Flow.

-not sure if this is new or not... sounds like a freestyle haha.


Kyle Lucas is still my favorite.

1. The Call (Big Boi intro)
2. Greetings & Salutations
3. Silence (prod. Simon Illa)
4. Always Be ft. Ben Grant of the Status (prod. Simon Illa)
5. Problems ft. Keiry Valdez
6. Jonny Quest Thinks Ima Sellout (prod. Simon Illa)
7. Nectar of the Dogs (prod. Jaron McDaniel)
8. I’m a Ghostbuster 2 (prod. Simon Illa)
9. Doin Time 2008 (prod. MW)
10. After Party (Remix) ft. T. Mills
11. Kyle Rules The World
12. Colette and Uncle Dub (skit)
13. The Adventures of K. Lucas & C. Midnite (prod. Captain Midnite)
14. I Want You
15. I Don’t Know… (prod. Simon Illa)
16. Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too (Remix)
17. Up The Road ft. Mick Hucknall
18. Watch Me Now Verse
19. Juicy Howser, M.D. (Skit)
20. Save Me
21. Death March II (prod. MW)
22. Remix Verses (prod. Simon Illa)
23. Money Maker ft. K.D. and Syd Vicious
24. Trivial Pursuit ft. Rellik Rebel and Izrael
25. Sometimes I Take Chances; Sometimes I Take Pills (prod. MW)



-turning the big 28... happy birthday fam! hooters tonight?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chargers vs Broncos moved to primetime

Chargers and Broncos to play for AFC West title Sunday night

The Week 17 Denver Broncos-San Diego Chargers game on Sunday, December 28 will be played at 5:15 PM PT (8:15 PM ET) on NBC, the NFL announced today.

The NFL utilizes “flexible scheduling” on Sundays in Weeks 11-17. Flexible scheduling ensures quality matchups in all NFL Sunday time slots in those weeks and give teams a chance to play their way onto primetime and into the late-afternoon 4:15 PM ET time slot on CBS and FOX.

Let's go Chargers! Win the AFC West and move forward into the playoffs!

Sayin This- Tyga

-he killed it.

I Need Money.

Pace Won & Mr. Green


Daniel Merriweather- "Change" featuring WALE

Rockin' That Thang RMX- The Dream & NORE

The Dream- "Rocking That Thang RMX" featuring NORE


Chillin- Wale

WALE- "Chillin" Produced by Cool and Dre


I Can't Miss- Surf Club

Surf Club featuring Lil Wayne- "I Can't Miss"


Party w/ EOC & Victory Nightlife on New Years Eve!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

classic video of the day.

Blood Money part 3- Capone-N-Noreaga

-act like you know.

in the studio w/ the clipse & swizz beats!

ReUp Gang Blog 2
from on Vimeo.

-it looks like it's gonna be a Clipse '09!

Souls of Mischief!

-damn i can't wait for the souls to come back out...

Asher Roth- The Reading Remix


-this remix is sick... they flipped the reading rainbow theme song!

Everything Is Everything

Brand Nubian - Everything Is Everything

track list:

01. Word Is Bond
02. Straight Off Da Head
03. Weed vs. Weaves (Interlude)
04. Nubian Jam (Feat. Laura Alfored)
05. Alladat (Feat. Busta Rhymes)
06. Step Into Da Cipher (Feat. Maestro Manny, Serge & Snagglepuss)
07. Sweatin' Bullets
08. Lookin' At God (Interlude)
09. Lick Dem Muthaphuckas
10. Another Day In The Beast (Thoughts From A Criminal)
11. Claimin' I'm A Criminal
12. Gang Bang
13. Down For The Real
14. Return Of The Dread
15. What The Fuck
16. Hold On (Feat. Starr)

sure shots: Nubian Jam, Claimin' I'm A Criminal, Hold On

This is that real hip hop from 1994, they dont make songs like these anymore...


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Mick Boogie Presents: Adele… 1988 (Mixtape)

Mick Boogie presents... Adele: 1988 from MickBoogie on Vimeo.

Similar to the Viva La Hova mixtape, Mick Boogie rounds up a few friends to reinterpret Adele’s 19 with hip-hop sensibilities. Tracklist and link under the cut.

1. Chasing 1988: The Intro (f/ 6th Sense)
2. Day Dreams (nVMe Remix)
3. Tired (6th Sense Remix)
4. First Love (Remot Remix f/ Naledge)
5. My Same (Garbs Infinite Remix)
6. Melt My Heart To Stone (Kickdrums Remix f/ Big Pooh)
7. Cold Shoulder (Garbs Infinite Remix)
8. Right As Rain (nVMe Remix)
9. Make You Feel My Love (Remot Remix)


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

welcome to the new school.

Asher Roth & Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi

Charles Hamilton & Asher Roth

Cory Gunz



Tanya Morgan

Black Milk

Asher Roth

Charles Hamilton

Kidz In The Hall

-just in case you you've been sleeping or you thought hip hop was dead... these guys can show you that it's alive and well.

Feliz Navidad!

Home Grown - "Feliz Navidad"

Billy Danze ft. Busta Rhymes "Undescribable"


-this shit right here is sick as fuck. some smooth shit from busta & billy... perfect for december nights.

Jamie Foxx ft. Rick Ross "Swag"


-this is a bonus track off Jamie's "Intuition" Japan edition... shit sounds nice.

Kanye West ft. Big Sean & Mr. Hudson "Paranoid Remix"


-fyi: big sean is the newest member of Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music label.

Kardinal Offishall ft Dr. Dre & Pusha T "Set It Off Remix"


-shit is hot yo... Dre & Pusha Killed it. Yes it is really muthafuckin' Dr. Dre rhymin' on the track!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Method Man- Ticallion

01. The Show (Remix)
02. Say What (Remix)
03. Take The Heat Ft. Dr. Dre
04. Drummer Ft. Ghostface Killah, Street Life And Trife The God
05. This Thing Ft. Rza And LA The Darkman
06. Hip Hop Music
07. Shaolin Worldwide Ft. Inspectah Deck And Street Life
08. Lyrical 44 Ft. Ft. Redman
09. Pack Em In Ft. Redman
10. Back In The Day/Snaps
11. Synthetic Substitution Ft. Ol' Dirty Bastard
12. In The Beginning Ft. Run DMC
13. I'm A Motherfu*kin Nigga
14. 36 Chambers Ft. Raekwon
15. Evil Streets Ft. Onyx
16. Your On Ft. Rza And U-God
17. Down For My Crown
18. Lost In The Masquerade Ft. Lauryn Hill


Tyga- Suicide

Listen/Download (DJ Version) from his upcoming album "Introduction"

Tha Major ft Kanye West- I'm Bout Money


Jamie Foxx - Intuition

01. Just Like Me (Feat. T.I.)
02. I Don't Need It
03. Number One (Feat. Lil' Wayne)
04. Digital Girl (Feat. The Dream & Kanye West)
05. Blame It (Feat. T-Pain)
06. She Got Her Own (Feat. Ne-Yo And Fabolous)
07. Intuition Interlude
08. I Don't Know
09. Weekend Lover
10. Why
11. Freak'in Me (Feat. Marsha Ambrosius)
12. Slow
13. Rainman
14. Overdose
15. Love Brings Change (Bonus Track)



After months of being tightlipped about his highly anticipated Relapse album, Eminem recently revealed some details about his long awaited opus. Last month, Swizz Beatz claimed that he had produced 5 songs on the Relapse album. One of the songs that Swizz said he had produced was a sequel to Eminem's 2000 hit "Stan".

"Stan", which was featured on Eminem’s second album The Marshall Mathers LP, told the story of a fan obsessed with the rapper who commits suicide.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Eminem shot down Swizz's claims and stressed that he hasn't collaborated with the famed producer.

"There isn't a 'Stan 2,' and there won't be," Eminem said. "Stan drove his car off a bridge and I'm not writing a song as Stan's ghost. That would just be really corny."

One producer that Eminem is definitely working with is Dr. Dre. Em divulged that Dre's platinum touch will be all over his eagerly awaited album.

"Me and Dre are back in the lab like the old days, man," Eminem explained. "Just him banging away on tracks and me getting that little spark that makes me write to it. I don't have chemistry like that with anyone else as far as producers go -- not even close. Dre will end up producing the majority of the tracks on Relapse.' We are up to our old mischievous ways ... let's just leave it at that."

Eminem also spoke on a song from Relapse that was leaked last week. The song, which was titled "Number One" by various mixtape DJ's, featured Eminem rapping as Dr. Dre.

According to Eminem, the leaked song was far from complete and it's real title is "Crack a Bottle".

The Detroit rapper revealed that he was doing guide vocals for Dre and the song fell into the wrong hands. Despite the leak, the song will still be appearing on Relapse.

"It wasn't close to finished. [It was] me doing guide vocals for Dre as a suggestion of how he could lay his verses down," Eminem said. "It's like someone catches you peeping in your window before you got the Spider Man costume all zipped up! Nobody is supposed to see that. We are gonna finish it up though and get it out there how it's supposed to be."

Eminem expects to have Relapse in stores next spring. He also revealed 50 Cent will be releasing Before I Self Destruct in February.

Kanye West's Next CD:

"Indeed, my next album called "Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall" and it contains twelve songs and four seasons with three songs for each season."

-hmmm, sounds interseting.

Charles Hamilton Disses Souljah Boy!

NEW WWE CHAMPION! (videos added)

Jeff Hardy finally won the WWE Championship beating Triple H and Edge in a triple threat match at Armageddon, it was a pretty damn good match especially towards the end with Jeff winning the title, now both Hardys are champions.

here's a clip of Jeff's win somebody made and put music to it, i dunno i feel like i can can watch this over and over, it was such a good moment, i'm glad i ended up ordering that pay per view and witnessed history.

also click here for a video after the bell with Jeff and Matt celebrating in the ring.. Triple H comes up to shake Jeff's hand and gives him a hug. its good.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hello Again

The Get Go - Hello Again

01. Target
02. Face in the dirt
03. Without You
04. Bury Me
05. Blacktop
06. The Weekend
07. Angels Calling
08. All Your Problems
09. Tonight
10. Somebody's Watching Me
11. You vs. Me
12. Downfall

sure shots: The Weekend, Tonight, Face in the dirt

"The Get Go" was formed in February of 2007 after the demise of three influential Chicago groups "Mest", "Allister", and "Showoff".
This is that good ol' emo pop punk that you used to love...