Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Nine Yards

Yo this is how I'm coming for the nine deuce... I was thinkin bout Ditty on the drive home from work so here it is for you guys! you're welcome.

Paperboy - The Nine Yards

01. Ditty
02. Bumpin' (Adaptation Of Humpin')
03. Studs
04. Goin' On
05. Zooted
06. Jack Move
07. The Nine Yards
08. Little Somethin' For The Summer
09. Shoutouts
10. Ditty (Divine Street Mix)

sure shots: Ditty, The Nine Yards, Little Somethin' For The Summer

btw a little EOC history for ya... the Ditty and Nine Yards instrumentals were probly two of the first beats EOC wrote to back when we started rhyming. We been rhymin for a while now if you didnt know.


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