Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I got a homie by the name of Smalls Uno (a local artist out here in Daygo reppin' that HIGH $OCIETY), who just dropped his most recent work entitled "Mr. Rusto-Tastic" The Mixtape. My dude is definitely on some other shit, branding a stoner-skater portrayal of rhymes to his music. Check out the mixtape though and support local talent. We back each other outchyea, as you should.

You can also download it from their blog at www.highsocietyordie.blogspot.com

High $ociety, or get mauled by rabid rotts!


SMALLS UNO said...

Yo it's ya boy SMALLS UNO himself...good lookin Swerve...I hope ya'll enjoy this tape and check for the rest of the HIGH $OCIETY projects...

Anonymous said...

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