Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Padded Room

Joe Budden - Padded Room

Track List:

01. Now I Lay (Produced By Blastah Beats)
02. The Future Ft. The Game (Produced By Fyu-Chur)
03. If I Gotta Go (Produced By The Klasix)
04. Don't Make Me (Produced By Blastah Beats)
05. Blood On The Wall (Produced By Moss)
06. In My Sleep (Produced By The Klasix)
07. Exxxes (Produced By The Klasix)
08. I Couldn't Help It (Produced By The Klasix)
09. Adrenaline (Produced By Dub B)
10. Happy Holidays Ft. Emanny (Produced By Qwan)
11. Do Tell (Produced By Blastah Beats)
12. Angel In My Life (Produced By Blastah Beats)
13. Pray For Me (Produced By Versatile And Dilemma)
14. Family Reunion (Bonus Remix) Ft. Fabolous, Ransom And Hitchcock

sure shots: Now I Lay, Blood On The Wall, Angel In My Life


Budden is that MC, anthems all over this motherfucker!

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