Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Rebirth

Bobby Valentino - The Rebirth

Track List:

01. The Rebirth (Ft. Dottite Peoples)
02. Make You The Only One
03. Hands On Me
04. My Girl
05. Butterfly Tattoo
06. Just Me & You (Ft. Raphael Saadiq)
07. BEEP (Ft. Youg Joc)
08. 3 Is The New 2
09. Make You Say
10. Be My Love
11. Dance The Night Away (Interlude)
12. On The Edge
13. You're Not Alone
14. Stay With Me
15. Another Life
16. Give Me Your Heart

I aint gonna front, I like this shit


1 comment:

swerveUNO said...

damn they was sayin BEEP the whole time?? I thought it was...

she gon' let me beat beat beat beat beat